Klip Studio

React, Redux, Video streaming
Client: Klip Sports
Website: klipsports.com
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Main front-end developer in a great team working on Klip Studio, an AI-driven highlights clipping and editing suite for content teams. Studio is a complex web app built on React which presented a few challenges and gave me the opportunity to explore and strengthen my knowledge in many areas such as live video streaming, data synchronisation across components, real time updates, components reusability, async operations, unit testing, lots of calculations, browser’s supported features and much more.

Also, helped on the front-end of Analytics (another product of Klip Sports), a platform that connects to social accounts, websites and apps in order to measure digital content performance and brand integration value on traditional assets such as signage and apparel. Built on React, with SVG charts playing a relevant role in the visualisation of data for each report.

Code snippets and screenshots coming soon