About me

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A dedicated Front-End Developer, with a background in Visual Design and a pixel-perfect design approach. Passionate and ambitious, an excellent team-worker with the goal to elevate user experience to a new level.

Building sleek user interfaces for websites and web applications using top-notch methods and technologies. Complying with coding standards and following the directions of different style guides, writing clean and reusable code.

Currently using modern Javascript frameworks such as React/Redux and AngularJS. Excellent proficiency in CSS3, HTML5 coolest features and responsive web design. Keeping himself up-to-date with latest technologies and the evolution of the web.

Mostly front-end oriented but with a good expertise of back-end environments and frameworks such as NodeJS, ExpressJS, PHP, MySQL and MongoDB.

A good knowledge in WordPress development which has improved exponentially during his collaboration with a H1 Web Oy, a WordPress specialised company based in Helsinki.

Worked in both Agile and Waterfall settings depending on the nature of the project and the team.