Federico Di Rosa

Software Developer

I speak

I am a dedicated developer with over a decade of experience, transitioning seamlessly from front-end developer and designer to backend developer. My passion lies in crafting exceptional software, characterized by clean, tested, and maintainable code.

With an extensive understanding of diverse technologies and frameworks, I focus on delivering smooth user experiences and high-performing server-side solutions. Embracing test-driven development practices, I prioritize the delivery of top-quality software that aligns with user needs and business objectives. Remaining updated with industry trends is integral to my ongoing growth.

In recent years, I've contributed to impactful projects within the sport-tech industry, including my current fully remote role at LiveHeats. This experience not only enhances my technical abilities but also fosters collaborative skills, driving my continuous development as a professional.

Currently based in 🇪🇺. Mostly working remotely from different parts of the world.